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‘Hide And Seek’ – Adam Ben Ezra’s highly anticipated new studio album is now available in DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, CD, VINYL, USB FLASH DRIVE or BUNDLE.

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Double-Bass phenomenon Adam Ben Ezra announces the release of his third album ‘Hide and Seek’ in March 2020. Offering a rich sound that incorporates a unique blend of genres with a sharp focus on delivering the groove, it is no overstatement to say that this is Adam Ben Ezra’s best work to date.

For his latest effort, Adam recruited New York-based producer Isaac DaBom whose fingerprint is instantly recognizable and offers a tantalizing sound. Working closely for two months pre-production and an intensive one month recording period (in which Adam practically played every instrument), ‘Hide and Seek’ was born. Representing the peak of his career thus far, the album incorporates jazz, hip hop, R&B, electronica and Middle Eastern influences together with Adam’s instantly recognizable signature musical language, creating something that is essential listening both to casual listeners and hardcore music enthusiasts alike.

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“I welcome you to join me on my musical journey through ‘Hide and Seek’. This album undoubtedly captures the hidden sounds and elements that I’ve been creating over the past few years. My gracious thanks to producer Isaac Dabom for his vision, guidance, softness and quirkiness. Thank you to the Simon family for opening their hearts and home for us. Thanks to Guy Dayan, my manager, mentor and best friend for taking care of absolutely everything and the rest. My beloved Natalie for your unconditional love and embrace (and for being on night watch!), I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Adam Ben Ezra

Track Listing:
1.Downtown Blues  2.Chasing The Rabbit 3.Mamaja 4.Hide And Seek 5.Tumbada 6.Fair Fight 7.Daldaya 8.Walking Song 9.The Missing Piece 10.Sunny Shades

Album Credits: 

Music and lyrics by Adam Ben Ezra
Produced by Isaac DaBom (Omer Mor)
Arranged by Adam Ben Ezra and Omer Mor

Recorded by Omer Mor at Simon Studios, Yanuv/Israel
Piano recorded by Iyar Dalva at Mitzlol Studios, Tel Aviv/Israel
Additional recordings at DaBom Studios in NYC and ABE Studio in Yanuv/Israel
Mixed by Omer Mor at DaBom Studios
Mastered by Udi Koomran at Ginger Studio

Adam Ben Ezra – Double bass, piano, vocals, keyboards, oud, flute, clarinet, melodica, percussion, beatbox
Omer Mor – Programming, percussion, drums, beatbox, backing vocals, additional keyboards, electric guitar in ‘Fair Fight’
Amitai Ben Ezra – Baby shout in ‘Daldaya’
Guy Dayan – Tongue clicks in ‘Walking song’
Uriya Simon – Backing vocals in ‘Sunny Shades’
Cover art & design by YONIL

Management & Marketing: Guy Dayan – [email protected]

Release date: March 6th 2020.
©+℗ 2020 Adam Ben Ezra.

Digital Download: You’ll get the complete digital album in 3 high quality formats (MP3, WAV and FLAC) plus the pdf liner notes.

CD: 4 Panel Digipak, signed or unsigned. You also get the complete digital album (MP3, WAV and FLAC), plus the pdf liner notes.

Vinyl: ‘Hide and Seek’ numbered limited edition 12’’ white vinyl (140g), signed or unsigned. You also get the complete digital album (MP3, WAV and FLAC), plus the pdf liner notes. Handled with extra care! Each vinyl is taken out of the jacket and packed with plastic sleeve + bubble wrap + cardboard.

CD+Vinyl Bundle: Signed copies. You also get the complete digital album (MP3, WAV and FLAC), plus the pdf liner notes.

USB Flash Drive: Signed limited edition custom USB flash drive (8GB), containing ABE’s full discography including the new album ‘Hide and Seek’ (MP3 and WAV).

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