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For the past decade, double-bass phenomenon and multi-instrumentalist Adam Ben Ezra has been redefining and breathing new life into the double-bass and inspiring many with his flawless musicianship and his striking songwriting, carving out a unique spot for himself in today’s international musical landscape.

With well over twenty million views to date on his videos and a strong following on all social media platforms, Adam is a bonafide internet star. His success is certainly not confined to the web, with hundreds of shows under his belt across Europe, the United States and beyond. Having shared bills with the likes of Snarky Puppy, Pat Metheny, Victor Wooten and Richard Bona to name but a few, Adam is no stranger to big venues and festivals and is truly at home on stage. His work has been shown at industry leading publications, such as the BBC, CBS News, Time Magazine and The British Telegraph to name but a few. Jazz FM has defined his appearance as ”A dazzling virtuosity and breath-taking athletic performance”.

The term “multi-instrumentalist” is often overused but in this case it couldn’t be more fitting; Adam began playing the violin at age five and picked up the guitar at age nine. Over the years he has added the Piano, Clarinet, Oud, Flute and even BeatBox to his arsenal, largely teaching himself each time. However, it was an introduction to the double-bass at age 16 that truly changed his life, when he instantly fell in love with the instrument’s rich sound. Drawing inspiration from heroes as diverse as Bach, Sting, Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea, Adam made a clear decision to make his compositions current – no matter the tool used. He has consciously added new colors to his palette, incorporating elements of Jazz, Funk, Latin and Mediterranean music into his playing.

Adam’s live performances have naturally evolved over the years as he not only continues to introduce new elements and instrumentation but has also begun incorporating more electronic elements into his show. This has allowed him the freedom to be more communicative with the audience, create fresh cuts and be even more spontaneous in his playing. By using a smart combination of effects and pedals, Adam regularly loops his notes in order to deliver an authentic wall of sound, worthy of a small orchestra.

In 2020 Adam released his album ‘Hide and Seek’. After two months of pre-production and an intensive one month recording period (in which Adam played virtually every instrument), ‘Hide and Seek’ was born. The album incorporates jazz, funk, R&B, electronic and Middle Eastern influences together with Adam’s instantly recognizable signature musical language, creating something that is essential listening to both casual listeners and hardcore music enthusiasts alike.

In September 2024 Adam will release his 5th album that will culminate the peak of his career thus far. This album will deliver both a diverse and rich sound, incorporating a unique blend of genres, rhythms and grooves, promising to push the bass to the limit as never seen or heard before.