* How long will my order take to ship?

Orders are shipped from us within 7 working days, the delivery time will be dictated by your location. All international orders are sent via the Israeli postal service and it can take up to 4 weeks to arrive (usually less) from the moment we ship them. Please note that the delivery time will depend on the country being sent and on the postal services. Our hope is that your package will arrive as soon as possible, but we cannot hold any responsibility for that part.

* How can I check my order status?

Just email [email protected] with the name and email address used for the order.

* What if I need to change my shipping address for an order?

Please email [email protected]. If the order is still pending, we can change it, just please provide your name and email address used for the order. If the order has already shipped, you will be notified when/if the order is returned by mail. If you do not respond within 2 weeks, we will return the item(s) into our stock and refund the full amount of the order, less the shipping, and credit card transaction fees. If your package is re-shipped, you will be responsible for any additional shipping charges.

If there are any problems with your purchase, please email [email protected]