Following our premiere concert in Vienna last year, I’m happy to announce the second concert of Igudesman&Joo and ‘the league of X-traordinary musicians’, this time in Lucerne Switzerland on September 10th 2015.

For info and tickets CLICK HERE!

Adam Ben Ezra and Igudesman&Joo

Adam Ben Ezra and Igudesman&Joo

About the project:
“In the spirit of cult comic series, “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “The X-Men”, the “League of X-traordinary Musicians” is a gathering of musicians around the world blessed with talents beyond the usual.

All too often, multi-tasking instrumentalists with extra special skills, such as dancing, singing, rapping, beat boxing, acrobatics, magic, playing several instruments, are neglected in today’s world of compartmentalization and treated as outsiders, rather than being embraced as open-minded artists and praised for their unique talent. A far cry from the age of the Renaissance, where artists were masters of many different crafts- (think Leonardo da Vinci).

We, as IGUDESMAN & JOO, want to celebrate the skills of these incredible and unique talents by bringing them together and creating truly ‘x-traordinary’ performances—shows—concerts—events—or whatever anyone feels like calling them”.