When I teach what I know and share what I love it makes me want to keep on discovering more… So after many of you asking me how do you do what you do?! Here it is! You can now learn all my secrets of double bass playing; from bass drumming to making your bass sound like an electric guitar.

I’m proud to present the double bass online course I shot for “Discover Double Bass” in London, on a studio boat! There’s over 4hrs of video and 60 lessons in a step-by-step order, with detailed transcriptions and TON of exercises and etudes included within each chapter.

the signature sounds of adam ben ezra

To celebrate the launch of the course it’s available with a 25% discount FOR THIS WEEK ONLY through this link: http://bit.ly/2DVENiN

Course topics Include: Drumming on your double bass, Articulations, Imitating other instruments, Composing and arranging for double bass, Effects & loops, and more…


Watch Geoff from DDB and I chat about how I learnt to drum on the bass, what I’m currently practicing, how to fly with an upright bass, best advice I’ve received from a teacher, which fingering systems I use, what strings and instrument I play, and lots more geeky double bass topics…