Digital download of ‘Intermission’ – Adam Ben Ezra’s solo piano album. You’ll get the complete digital album in 3 high-quality formats (MP3, WAV and FLAC) plus the PDF liner notes.



‘Intermission’ is a collection of 10 different piano tales, each one of them has its own story and style. In this album, I’ve been exploring the different sides and moods of the piano. In addition, full transcriptions are available for the piano players amongst you.

2020 brought a complete break from everything that ‘normally’ existed, something I had not experienced before… I’d been touring on the road for so long and had now been given this rare opportunity to explore and dive deeper into my music, writing more than ever and re discovering other aspects to my playing which had been neglected while I flew with my bass.

Years before I picked up the bass, as early as the age of 7, I have been playing and creating with the Piano. Entirely self taught, it was time to devote my love of music to exploring the piano again, this time with the bass (and my family!) by my side… the piano took a whole new direction.

Track Listing:
1.Waltz  2.Black Keys 3.Bolero 4.El Niño 5.The Missing Piece 6.New Born 7.Intuzim 8.Golda 9.Openland 10.Mad About The Girl

Album Credits: 

All music composed, arranged and played by Adam Ben Ezra • Golda originally composed for ‘Golda’ soundtrack movie 2019 • Recorded by Jonathan Barak at Mitzlol Studios, Tel Aviv/Israel • Mixed and mastered by Kobi Farhi at Mitzlol Studios, Tel Aviv/Israel • Cover design by Guy Dayan • Cover photography by Zorislav Stojanovic • Videos by Ron Kohen • Management & Marketing: Guy Dayan ([email protected]) • ©+℗ ADAM BEN EZRA 2021

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