“I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with”
(Allie Townsend – TIME Magazine)

“Adam Ben Ezra is a music industry game-changer”
(Genevieve Belmaker, The Epoch Times)

“Truly killer cover of the theme songs from Dexter, by Adam Ben Ezra”
(Will Goodman, CBS News)

“His new approach to music will change how bassists of tomorrow will play”
(Bill Gow, Reading Eagle)

“We are huge Adam Ben Ezra fans here…”
(Corey Brown, No Treble)

“What was that? Holy Toledo! It was like the first time you saw Jimi Hendrix play”
(Bill Amatneek, ISB Journal)

“One of the undisputed stars of the festival was the Double-Bassist and wonderful singer Adam Ben Ezra,
turning his Double-Bass into an orchestra in an amazing display of virtuosity”
(Asher Kesher, Yediot Tel Aviv)